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At Flex Training, we believe that fitness is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. Whether you are an exercise fanatic or you’ve never stepped into a gym, we provide the right environment for your work-out. We are a fully inclusive gym, training people of all ages and psychical abilities.  Fostering a holistic approach to fitness, we ensure that your goals can be achieved and even exceeded. A healthy life is more than simply going to the gym, and that’s why we focus on our 4 key areas; Mindset. Nutrition. Training. Support.

Utilising these focuses, Flex Training Studio can help shape a new you.

“I go to Sam for four sessions a week, she makes me love the gym....she is also so fun to talk to and hang out with." - Zoe Pike


“I have been going to her for a while and I'm always so sore after her sessions....she pushes your limits, but it feels amazing." - Jess Worth

"We have become great friends, Sam is someone I love talking to while she absolutely challenges me. We laugh all session which makes gym interesting and fun." -Ryan Fisher


Monday - Thursday 6am-9pm
Friday 6am-5pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Sunday 9am-3pm


One-on-one training sessions are an ideal way to integrate your fitness regime into your lifestyle. With flexible with session times, we ensure you feel comfortable & confident within the studio. By analysing each clients capabilities, we work together to deepen your understanding of every exercise, enhancing your execution & maximising results. With specifically designed programs & spacious indoor & outdoor areas, you will not only see great results, you’ll also enjoy the process.


If you like the motivation of group work-outs, these sessions are your answer. Whether it’s the social element, or thriving from the energy created by the group, these sessions provide a fun & challenging way to achieve your goals. With extensive experience in group training, there are always new exercises & challenges as the group progresses. Create your own group with friends or join one of our exisiting classes. It’s a fun and affordable way to train.


The foundation of a healthy and strong body is a strong core. Many don’t realise that back pain and injuries can be due to weak core strength. Our core classes are specifically designed to suit your body’s needs and teach you how to engage your abs in an effective manner. You will learn that core strength is built through the quality of your exercise and is applied to everyday physical activity. It’s not about achieving a six-pack, but it might just happen along the way


Today, everyone is boxing. From super models to super mums, it’s a great way to destress and get fit at the same time. Boxing is a fast paced, full body cardio and strength session. But don’t let that intimidate you. We cater for people of all fitness levels, so whether you’re experienced or a first timer, our boxing sessions will be working at your preferred level and skill. They are designed to achieve your goals. And best of all, it’s fun.


Are you looking for a sweat-sesh? We guarantee our Intense Cardio sessions will have you walking away sweating with a true sense of achievement. These sessions combine aerobic activity including boxing, running, step ups, lunges, all at high intensity. For those hardcore gym junkies, this is the work-out for you. If you’re looking to reach your fitness peak, join our intense cardiovascular fitness sessions and burn those unwanted calories ....if you dare!


Ready to join? Give us a call or stop by today and check out the gym. Your first session is on us!

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